A "little bit edgy" and "a lotta spark" is one reason Wendy Lyn is a regular guest on television and radio.  She’s not only a comfortable and confident guest, she also hosted and produced a show called YOUnique TV!




YOUnique has aired live across central Florida on WGTL45, covering nine counties. Her topics range from ideas on fashion, personal image branding and beauty tips to corporate sales strategies that help you stand out from your competition. Our guests are generally business women that have found unique ways to incorporate their faith in their work or have bold stories to tell that will engage and inspire. Helping you embrace a full life is what we're all about. Creating themes that connect quickly with people, we strive to include an uplifting message that audiences benefit from to live a more stress free life. With bold takeaways and conservative standards, Wendy Lyn will engage and WOW your audience, too. 


  • Here are some of her TV interviews
  • Wendy Lyn also provides a weekly e-zine that is complimentary to followers that register on our website which often includes short KNOCKOUT videos. Visit our YOUtube channel for more!
  • If you have a Hot Topic, Idea to pitch, or are Interested in partnering with us for future media shows on YOUnique TV, please contact us directly at 

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