Is your image sending the message you want it to?


I provide services that help you succeed in your personal and professional life that include image and branding consulting. Fully understanding how you are perceived by others is something few employ but those that do have an advantage. If you're interested in confidence building and skill set advancing, a coaching session with me will fulfill both. There's often a fine line between being perceived as just "average" vs "oh-so-awesome"! I can help you close that gap and create more open door opportunities. 


I'd love to serve you. Here are some options:

  1. I am available to speak at your next business conference, corporate workshop, or executive women's groups
  2. I hold my own branded Naked to Knockout Image Makeover Workshops for group coaching
  3. Schedule a one on one coaching session - 2 hr appointments to Tweak Your Chic, Full Day, 3 Month options available
  4. Enroll in my Mediagenics Program - full service coaching for media

With your wardrobe, communication skill set, body language, hair and makeup, I can help you present well! Go Here for options on how WE can work together and on how YOU can get a complimentary seasonal update. Simply fill out the Word2Wendy and we can get started. You'll receive a FREE 15 MIN PHONE CONSULT LIVE WITH WENDY LYN for Knockout style tips when you do! SCHEDULE A CHAT WITH ME HERE

My life is enriched by blessing yours!


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3 Steps to Go from Office Hours to After Hours
Submitted on: Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 12:02

The season for holiday parties is just around the corner. With Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities closing in, there will be many after-work parties to attend over the next couple of weeks. Having enough time to attend them all, host a couple, keep working so that all the bills get paid, and get some sleep, seems impossible. These tips will help you make an stylish transition from day to night during these busy months. It doesn't take more time, just using what you have more strategically.

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