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Thank you for stopping by my website! We provide various services to help you succeed in your personal and professional life including image and branding consulting. There's often a fine line between being perceived as just average and oh-so-awesome! I can help you close that gap and create more open door opportunities. Contact us today if you're looking for a apeaker, a corporate or team building workshop, one on one coaching, or a guest spot on our newest venture, YOUnique TV. You can fill out the form at the top and you will be notified immediately. With much appreciation, Wendy Lyn

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Turning obstacles into opportunities is a lot easier when you believe you’re worth more…

Get yourself off the sales rack of life and onto the display shelf! God has created you for greatness and the world is waiting for you. Your gifts. Your talents. Your resources. Your servant leadership. Your best self. Your KNOCKOUT self.

“Using a passionionte filled life to turn Obstacles into Opportunities, is something we do a lot of around here”, she says.  Having your self image challenged by circumstances, lack of worthiness and confusion from comparing yourself to others, requires more than a skin deep solution can provide, which is what prompted the writing of her first book, Naked to Knockout™. 

Wendy Lyn Phillips offers 25 years of expertise in the beauty industry. As an entrepreneur for all of her adult life, Wendy Lyn has coached thousands of women in the areas of image, style, beauty, the value of a compelling presence and helping entrepreneurs have knockout personal branding. She and her husband have owned four successful businesses that allowed them to be debt free before turning forty. Her training will dramatically improve your personal and professional success, and her charisma and motivating finesse make her a dynamic speaker. Wendy has a unique ability to inspire others to maximize their potential by Looking Savvy, Feeling Sensational, and  Working Strategically. There is great value in viewing every opportunity as a way to embrace your unique image and use it to become more confident and successful…and she can help you do just that!

You can receive FREE resources from her via the weekly W.O.W e-blast (Wendy On Wednesdays), her blog, workshops, a speaking event, and personal coaching. We hope you'll connect with us on all social media outlets.

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Submitted on: Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 16:11

Turning obstacles into opportunities for good isn't an easy task...and even when you can "work it out" in your head, making it your reality is usually a process...a journey. I believe we're all on a journey...The oyster takes quite a beating to produce a pearl...and sometimes you and I do, too! These two lessons will help you be more effective both personally and professionally

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