I'll be sharing How to Get Your Holiday Glam and Glitz On

This Webinar is for you if:

1. If you’re already exhausted thinking about the shopping, decorating, baking, extra activities and all you have to do to get holiday ready.

2. The FIVE things to have in your closet to wear throughout the holidays.

3. You want to shop NOW before all the frenzy hits - what APPS and websites to utilize and my formula for determining how to avoid buying boo-boos and make a great purchase!

4. You’re tired of wearing the same glitzy top to e v e r y party.

5. You’re a working woman and you want to make the transition from office-to-after-hours, simple.

6. You don’t have a go - to outfit that you can look and feel fabulous in for a quick change for when you get a last minute invite.

BONUS: GET 3 great casseroles you can make with confidence for your family dinner when you don’t have time to cook AND 3 great appetizer treats to take to a party.



Whether you are looking for a keynote, a break out teacher, a workshop leader or guest speaker at multi-speaker events, Wendy Lyn will deliver class and a little “sass” to move your audience into a more productive direction. For a business or personal rejuvenation, she is your go to gal! Her N2K workshops and keynote programs are reaching thousands with the understanding of how important their personal presence is to their success. Improving your image is directly related to increasing your income and Wendy Lyn is the one to help you achieve both. If you are looking for an EVENT for your business or group, I'd love to chat with you about that possibility. Call our office today (352) 483-2593

Do you have a defining style that brands you and your product or service?

Do others connect your company with the service excellence they receive from you?

Is your sales staff representing you with excellence?

You only have one chance to make a good first impression and you just can’t afford to miss the mark in this crucial area.

People often BUY “YOU” long before they BUY your product or services. 

I can help!

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