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Wendy Lyn Phillips offers 25 years of expertise in the beauty industry. As an entrepreneur for all of her adult life, Wendy Lyn has coached thousands of women in the areas of image, style, beauty, and the value of a compelling presence. Wendy and her husband have owned four successful businesses that allowed them to be debt free before turning forty. Her training will dramatically improve your personal and professional success, and her charisma and motivating finesse make her a dynamic speaker.

Wendy has a unique ability to inspire others to maximize their potential by becoming more, doing more and having more than they thought was possible. She has discovered that small improvements with your image often results in increased income and confidence. Wanting to share these knockout concepts, she developed ten chapters of her best tips from years of experience in Naked to Knockout™ and invites every woman to embrace their unique beauty from the inside out. Why is this important, you might ask? Wendy Lyn knows that a confident woman living true to her convictions is a more fulfilled wife, a happier mom, more balanced in business, and a thriving community asset.

This chic mom of two young girls resides with her family in central Florida. You’ll find her enjoying life with family, soaking up the Florida sun sparkles and the mountain air, shopping online and off, collaborating with business women, picking basil from her herb garden, running a taxi service for her girls, despising early mornings at the gym, loving her church, supporting local business as often as possible, doing her best to follow God’s ways and finding something beautiful about every woman!

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